New World Of Cigars, born of frustration, irritation and a need for change

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I’m Pete, a veteran cigar smoker of over 25 years who like many of you was brought up on a diet of Cuban cigars. Around 8 years ago I smoked my first ever ‘new world cigar’, a My Father Le Bijou 1922 Box Pressed Torpedo which had just won Cigar Aficionardo’s Cigar of the year award. The rest as they say is history!

The price we pay for cigars in the UK is higher than anywhere else in the world. Spending a lot of time travelling and hanging out in cigars lounges around the world, particularly Florida, I got to know people in the cigar industry and started to discover the ‘factory gate’ prices of new world cigars. The price of cigars, plus tobacco excise, 3rd country duty, shipping and VAT still didn’t justify retail prices in the UK. In short, the reason of ‘tax’ being the reason cigars in the UK are so expensive is not entirely true (I’m putting that politely!).

I’m a firm believer in consumer choice. If you want to go to a cigar lounge, be waited on and have lengthy conversations with the staff on cigars, it’s perfectly reasonable to pay a premium price for the experience.

If however you know the cigars you want and you want them to just magically appear at your house, you should be able to buy them at a fairer price. It’s no different to buying a TV from John Lewis or Amazon. We’re not trying to reinvent the world here, just give you an ever increasing choice of new world cigars at better prices!

Thanks to you, our customers, we’re starting to change things. Nearly 3 years old, we've processed thousands of orders and have hundreds of returning customers and are now an established player in the UK cigar market.

All our international brand cigars are sourced from the official UK importers before being stored in our warehouse which maintains a steady temperature of 20c all year in humidors which we maintain at 67% humidity. The conditions we believe are perfect for cigars​.

New World of Cigars believes in better. We believe you deserve better! A better choice of new world cigars, better prices on cigars and better opportunities for those in some of the poorest countries in the world who make our cigars.

When I die, my epitaph will not be that I made others, or myself richer at the expense of what I truly believe in. It will be that I tried to make a difference to those, who by fortune of where they were born, were less fortunate than I.

Welcome to the New World of Cigars!

Pete Wareham 20/03/2020

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