It’s going to be controversial, but here’s New World of Cigars opinion on the best new world cigars which have become available in the UK this year. The market for new world cigars has exploded, with demand up significantly and there is no doubt this is helping us, and others invest in bringing more great cigars to the UK market.

Ranking Methodology

We smoked a lot of cigars… some we loved, some we didn’t. No pompous notes of ‘hints of jasmin with the faint essence of unicorn tears’. No score out of 10 for construction, burn or draw. No value for money rating. If it’s on this list, it’s here because it’s a cigar we smoked (many times), that provided that moment where you close your eyes, gently nod your head and think ‘oh fuck that’s good’, because that ladies and gentleman, that is what makes an exceptional cigar!

Our Top 5 new, new world cigars to hit the UK this year

1 Hiram and Solomon Travelling Man Lancero

A cigar that only arrived in the UK a few weeks ago but it has gone straight in at number 1 for me. Lanceros are rare in the UK so the chances are you may not have smoked one. Make this the first you do! It’s a stunning medium strength cigar and the Sumatran wrapper shines though with all the subtle spiciness you could want. If I was told to choose 1 cigar to smoke for the rest of my life, right now, hands down, this is it. Try one, better yet, buy a box - it’s that good!

2 Room 101 Farce Original Robusto

Until a few weeks ago this would have been the number 1 on this list and it was no easy feat for it to be toppled. A cigar that has been in the UK a little while now and probably my most smoked cigar this year. It’s a belting cigar. Rich, rounded, creamy and medium strength, it’s a cigar I can pick up at any time of the day. I’ve had them on sunny terraces during the day with a pint, with a coffee in the morning and even after a heavy dinner with whisky. It’s a cigar that just works, everything about it is just in perfect harmony.

3 Diamond Crown Maduro No5 Short Robusto

Diamond Crown has been a huge brand in the US for sometime, but it only arrived in the UK a few months ago. For me this cigar is everything a Maduro should be. It’s rich, the smoke is thick in the mouth, it’s deep and complex. Then the subtle sweetness hits. It is quite simply divine. The Short Robusto for me provides the perfect balance and has become a favourite evening with coffee cigar for me.

4 PG Cigars Wacko Robusto

Our best selling boutique cigar by a distance. Produced in Honduras by PG Cigars this is a quite brilliant blend from Carlos. It starts off with a shaggy foot (binder and filler tobaccos not covered by a wrapper), which really allows you to taste the core blend. Then the use of 3 different wrapper tobaccos produces constant flavour transitions between Maduro, Candela and Connecticut. A great cigar at a great price!

5 La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Robusto

I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by this cigar. I like La Aurora Cigars, but it’s not a brand I would typically pick up to smoke. When our first shipment arrived I took one to try, oh boy this delivers. It’s a medium to full strength cigar which has enough punch to wake you up without becoming overpowering. A Nicaraguan puro from a Dominican company… the world works in mysterious ways!