This months new world cigar brand of the month is Plasencia Cigars, if you haven't read our post about the brand and it's history you can check it out HERE. Each week we focus on one of the cigars from the brand that we think is an exceptional example.

This week our cigar of the week is the Plasencia Alma Del Campo Tribu Robusto.

So why have we chosen the Plasencia Alma Del Campo Tribu (5x52) as this weeks cigar of the week?

Firstly, it is a master piece of balance and highlights the skill of truly world class cigar blenders working with aged tobaccos. It is medium strength, smooth, creamy, with coffee, nuts and hints of citrus. The body, strength and flavour profile of this cigar are just in perfect harmony!

Secondly, the Alma Del Campo has been overshadowed by it's noisier, brighter big brother the Plasencia Alma Fuerte. It's also not a common cigar in the UK, only us and maybe 2 other retailers carry it in stock. However it's a brilliant Nicaraguan puro that comes in at a more friendly price point than it's big brother. For many it will also be a far more pleasant smoke due to the dialled back strength and it's balance.

Finally, as you can see in the picture, it is another Plasencia cigar that comes with the ashtray as part of the box... why this excites me so much I don't know. But I'm like a kid at Christmas every time we get a delivery of these !

Oh and if you've read this far, you deserve a little treat! Check out this weeks special offer on the Plasencia Alma Del Campo Tribu cigars

As always, stay smokey, stay safe, Pete