do you inhale cigars, cigar smoking

As one of the UK’s leading online cigars stores, one question comes into our inbox time and time again from new cigar smokers - should you inhale cigars?

The short answer is no. You shouldn’t inhale cigar smoke and for the vast majority of people, if you do it by mistake once, you will never do it again!

Cigars are a very different beast to cigarettes, cigarettes have no flavour per say, other than acrid smoke (I say that as someone who still also smokes cigarettes…). They are simply designed to give you an instant hit of nicotine when the smoke enters the lungs. A premium hand rolled cigar is nothing more than naturally fermented 100% tobacco held together with some vegetable gum. No additives, preservatives or chemicals.

Cigars however are all about flavour - and the smoke is a damn sight stronger than anything from a cigarette. Cigars are all about flavour on the palate and cigar blenders spend many months, weeks and even years perfecting tobacco blends so that each cigar has slightly different nuanced flavours.

So when you light up a cigar, slowly draw on it, take the cigar smoke into your mouth and hold it there for a few seconds. Slowly exhale. At it’s very simplest, that is the best way to smoke a cigar. As you get more confident with your smoking you can begin to hold the cigar smoke in your mouth and roll it around so that it coats the mouth and palate all over, that is the first step to really tasting the flavours of the tobacco.

You may see more seasoned cigar smokers exhaling their cigar smoke through their nose, retro haling as it’s called is a whole new skill to master and it truly opens up the flavours of a cigar and the drink you have with it. More on that another time!

So to recap - do you inhale cigars, not unless you want to go green and cough your lungs up!

Until then, stay smokey, stay safe. Pete