If you hang around any social media groups related to cigars by now you will have at least seen the words Tupperdor and Humidor, what exactly are they and what advantages and disadvantages do they each have. Today we’re going to dive in and find out!

If you’ve spent any time on our website you may have seen the best piece of advice I have on there… Always, always buy a bigger tupperdor or humidor than you think you need. Why, because it is guaranteed to be too small very quickly. I started off with a desktop humidor, typical small 25 cigar capacity, not long after I bought a 150 capacity desktop humidor, not long after I bought a 250 capacity desktop humidor, then another 250 desktop humidor. After some negotiation next I bought a humidor cabinet. Finally I opened a cigar business as it was the only way I could ever justify buying any more humidors (true story!). Oh and all the humidors I mentioned here, I still have at home and are all still overflowing with Cuban and new world cigars… If you’re new to the world of cigars you’re probably reading this thinking ‘nah, never going to happen to me’... trust me, just buy the biggest you can, you will thank me later!

So what are Cigar Humidors and Tupperdors and why are they important? In very simple terms, all hand rolled new world and cuban premium cigars need to be kept at the correct humidity if they are going to smoke well. If they dry out and lose their oils they become very harsh and lose much of their flavour. I will write a separate blog on what the optimal storage conditions are for cigars soon, because getting it right is really important, but for now we will use the old rule of thumb which is cigars like 70% relative humidity and 70f temperature. So we know what cigars like, how do we keep them at that point. Simple, we use a cigar humidor or tupperdor and something that provides stable levels of humidity.

A cigar tupperdor is simply a plastic tupperware container with a tight fitting lid and a Bovedapacket inside it. It is often recommended to those new to cigars to go this route because it is such a cheap way to start. It is, but cheap isn’t always best when it comes to cigars! There are few downsides to a tupperdor. Firstly they are very temperature sensitive, in heat like we’ve had recently unless you have somewhere cold in the house they are going to go above 70f very, very quickly and for a myriad of reasons that is not good! Secondly, a tupperdor does nothing to improve cigars, we know a cigars flavour can be improved with age, by allowing it to rest a correctly humidified environment containing cedar - cedar is a cigars best friend, why do you think that’s what cigar boxes are made with or contain! Just sticking a thin sheet of cedar in a tupperdor doesn’t achieve this. On the plus side they do hold very stable humidity when a Boveda is used due to the airtight environment, which again doesn’t do anything to help the gentle aging of cigars.

A cigar humidor is the traditional way to keep cigars in peak condition. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Simply put they are a wooden box lined with Spanish cedar. Cedar is a hard wood that provides an exchange of humidity and aroma / flavour with your cigars. They tend to be more temperature stable due to the thickness of them, they help with the aging process and designed as pieces of furniture you can find a humidor that will sit beautifully in any house. The only downside with a humidor is that they do need periodic care and attention to keep the humidity stable, depending on your humidification method you can make that more or less depending on whether you use Boveda or traditional distilled water units (I use Boveda in my smaller humidors but traditional distilled water units in my bigger humidors).

So which is better, my start point for this is simple. You spend your hard earned cash buying cigars, look after them the best you can, for me that’s a humidor where they can slowly age in a well protected environment. A tupperdor can be useful in the short term if you’ve ordered cigars and your humidor hasn’t arrived yet or when you suddenly realise you have more cigars than your humidor fits - which, back to the start, will happen!

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Stay smokey, stay safe. Pete

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