Whoa! 3 brand new, new world cigars releases in the UK to end what has been a testing year for many of us! On top of these 3 releases we've also been spoilt this month with a new release from Rocky Patel, the Rocky Patel Quarter Century and E.P. Carrillo with the E.P. Carrillo Pledge. In this piece we have a quick look at the companies with some pointers of which cigars should be on your to try list. These are the best new world cigars in the UK tight now! Let's dive in.

Oscar Valladares is a rock star of the boutique new world cigar industry, from a small shop in Honduras in 2011 to cigar legend in a few short years Oscar has already produced some cigars that are the thing of legend! Perhaps most notably to date, Leaf by Oscar. This is not a quick story of success though, both Oscar and his partner already had years of experience in the cigar industry. Oscar Valladares worked for more than 9 years with Rocky Patel and Bayron worked for more than 20 years for General Cigars and Oliva Cigars. Cigars by Oscar are a great example of the exceptional new world cigars now coming from Honduras. The Leaf by Oscar Sumatra Toro, the Superfly Corona and the 2012 Barber Pole by Oscar are 3 great start points. Check out what's coming HERE

Casa Cuevas. Many of you have already tried a cigar or 2 from our most recent, new to the UK, new world boutique cigar manufacturer Casa Cuevas. Although you probably never knew it, you have very possibly smoked a cigar from their factory. A cigar family going back 5 generations to Cuba, for many years they did the contract rolling from their Dominican factory for Dunhill, now sadly discontinued. To this day they continue to do the contract rolling for Gurkha Cigars amongst others. The 4th generation of the Cuevas family decided it was time to put their name to their own brand a few years ago. The result? In short order, a 91 rating of the Casa Cuevas Reserva Toro from Cigar Aficionado! The Cuevas family are seriously good! If we have any left (they are selling very fast) try the Reserva Toro and my current favourite cigar, full stop, the Casa Cuevas La Mandarria! Check out our range of Casa Cuevas cigars HERE

Hiram and Solomon. A brand that has very quickly gained prominence in the USA. Hiram and Solomon new world cigars have their roots in Free Masonry, if you look at the bands on the cigars you will immediately pick up the link. This was a brand that several UK importers were trying to bring to the UK (including us) such is their reputation. Unfortunately we didn't seal the deal, fortunately BrightLeaf did. We expect these exceptional cigars to be available early in the new year but just maybe before Christmas. The Master Mason is perhaps the best known of their range, also worth checking out is the Traveling Man Sumatran Robusto. You can read more HERE about the range of Hiram & Solomon cigars we will be stocking.

Add to all those new cigars the much anticipated release of the Rocky Patel Quarter Century and the E.P. Carrillo Pledge lines and it is a fantastic end to the year for new world cigar smokers in the UK.

We're not even a year old yet, but are already one of the largest retailers of new world cigars in the UK with nearly 30 cigar brands and are unique in the UK having a range of boutique and international new world cigars as well as an impressive line up of cigar smoking accessories. Thank you for all your support so far, while you keep supporting us, we're not stopping for breath!