New World Cigars is a term which has become the de facto description in Europe and some other parts of the world for any cigar which isn’t of Cuban origin. In essence, it is a marketing term which came about as many in the industry didn’t like the term ‘non Cuban cigars’. Non Cuban has a connotation that any cigars that are not Cuban are inferior. Of course today, nothing could be further from the truth!

What are the main differences between Cuban and New World Cigars?

Production quality and variety are arguably the most important things which set apart new world and Cuban cigars. Cuba has for many years struggled to produce sufficient quality and quantities of tobacco to meet demand. This has put increased pressure on production and led to short cuts being taken in the processing of tobacco for cigars. Curing and aging is arguably the most important part of cigar production, if you get this wrong everything else that follows will fall short. 

New World Cigars means variety!

All Cuban cigars are ‘puros’, that is to say that all the tobacco in them is from the same country - Cuba. New world cigar blenders however have no such constraints on them. They are free to blend with tobaccos from all over the world. We’ve always loved a Cuban cigar over at NWoC headquarters, but it the depth and variety of cigars that come from the new world that really drew us in. New world cigars are a never ending journey!

This cigar sampler is a great place to start that never ending journey!

new world cigars sampler

Cigar Producing Nations

The term new world cigars is typically used to describe cigars from Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic, Honduras and also The Philippines. Increasingly now as we see greater cigar production from other countries, Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica all also fall under the same umbrella.