One of the questions we get asked most often is if we are going to do a monthly new world cigar subscription, the short answer is no. But panic not, it doesn’t mean we’ve not come up with something a little different!

Some of you will know we launched a trial new world cigar subscription box late last year. In some respects it was a roaring success - it sold incredibly well, in others it was a nightmare, hence we won’t be launching one.

Here’s the problem, subscription boxes are time consuming to put together, incur extra expenses for printing, new labels, packaging etc and you have to hit a fixed price every month, and that is the biggest problem. It is inevitable you have to start cutting corners just to hit a set price or start selling things at a loss. The way that tends to play out in the cigar industry is that cigars that don’t sell any other way get put in, or end of line cigars that you won’t be able to get again (the Rocky Patel Private Cellar that have recently appeared in a few places are an example of that!). So you get a couple of good cigars and then frankly below average cigars each month with no control over what you get.

If you’re in one of the few UK cigar subscription clubs at the moment, forget the ease and convenience of a retailer just taking your money every month. You can do better with your hard earned pennies getting cigars you will really enjoy rather than what has been dragged out of the back of the retailers humidor!

We want our customers to endlessly try the cigars we have (over 400 from over 50 odd brands and growing by the day!). That's the fun of new world cigars. So many manufacturers, blends and vitolas to try.

Our Bank Holiday Madness Samplershave been insanely popular. Simply because we have been able to put exquisite selections of cigars together without having to try and hit a price cap. We’ve been able to add cigars that have only just been released in the UK, cigars that would be too expensive to make it into any fixed price monthly cigar subscription and even focus on specific types of cigars like Maduro’s.

So we’re going to be offering a monthly cigar sampler to our customers and newsletter subscribers at an exclusive price. Each month, the best cigars, no crap from the back of the humidor, no extra crap added to the box to make it ‘feel’ like good value. Just the best new world cigars at an amazing price which will change every month so we really can get creative!

All you need to do is sign up to our newsletter and wait with anticipation each month for what’s coming and your discount code. Boom!