Every morning the grass has more and more dew on it, the leaves on the Chestnut trees are just turning their fiery orange before they fall to the ground to be kicked through by children and there's a distinct chill in the air. As Autumn arrives, many in the UK will change their smoking habits (we're already seeing it in orders). In this piece were going to take a look at some great autumn new world cigars - and no, they're not all small!

If you're really lucky you have a man cave / woman shed or garage with a heater where you can smoke in the cooler months, for many of us (including me) though the colder months offer a few of possibilities. 1) Keep smoking lager cigars and endure frostbite or being soaked to the skin 2) Switch to smaller cigars that lessen the risk of frostbite and a good soaking or 3) Be like a boy scout, be prepared for what ever the weather brings! It's the final option were going to look at here. You see colder months don't need to mean small cigars!

One of the beauties of new world cigars is the staggering array of different shapes and sizes you can get at every price point. If you're looking for cheap short winter smokes we've got them, if you're looking for a top end premium Corona we've got them and everything in between. Below you will see 3 of our top picks for sub 30 minute quick smokes, our top 3 picks for 30-40 minute smokes and our top 3 picks for around 45 minutes of pure joyous smokey escapism! Oh and if you cant decide we've even put together a great value sampler that has many of them in for you!

Sub 30 minute new world cigars. Think small means short filler cheap machine made new world cigars? Think again! The Camacho Machitos are rolled from the same tobaccos as their big brothers the Camacho Robustos Tubos, still one of the worlds best selling cigars, the Camacho Machitos punch way above their price. The La Galera Vitola Number 1 is a stunning short robusto ring gauge, long filler new world cigar, great coffee and cacao flavours. Perfect with a coffee on a nippy day. Finally the Davidoff Primeros, a real treat, and yes, a Davidoff for that price. It's a short filler which is reputedly rolled from the same tobaccos as the Davidoff Number 2's... the Davidoff Primeros is serious value!

30-40 minute new world cigars. In this bracket we are really spoiled for choice... this could have been a very very long list but we've narrowed it down to 3 great, very different new world cigars. First up the Davidoff Aniversario Short Perfecto, long filler hand rolled Davidoff cigars are a treat at any time. Oh and when you smoke perfectos you look cool as fuck! Quorum are hand rolled in Nicaragua at the JC Newmann Pensa factory, the same factory which rolls BrickHouse cigars! Good value doesn't even come close to describing them. Made with mixed filler tobaccos the Quorum Classic Short Robusto is a wallet friendly, great flavoured and well constructed treat! Last up, also from Nicaragua is the Daniel Marshall Petit Corona, still hard to find in the UK they are a bold but smooth smoke with enough punch to let you know you've had a good smoke. They are rolled at the Plasencia factory so you know the tobaccos and construction are top draw!

In the 40 minute to just under an hour cigars category are 3 stunning cigars. First up is the Plasencia Reserva Original Corona, my good lady has been smoking these all summer and possibly have become her go to rather than Trinidad Fundadores (nice little saving there!). The Plasencia Reserva Originals are stunning, 100% organic tobacco. A pure clean tasting cigar I particularly like them on a nippy morning with a coffee. Next up from the legendary Maduro Sun Grown line is the Rocky Patel Maduro Sun Grown Petit Belicoso. You might have noticed there has been a Maduro in 2 categories, I just love Maduro flavour profiles in the winter. Try this gem with a heavy porter or dark bitter! And last, but by no means least from boutique cigar producer Don Lucas, is the Don Lucas HS Series Corona. It features a Sumatran wrapper which adds a hint of spice to cigars. In the Corona vitola, wrapper has a greater effect on the overall flavour profile than on a Robusto or other large vitolas so the spice features more prominently. Try this by an open fire with a glass of red.

Oh and don't forget to check this epic cooler months new world cigar sampler out!

As always, stay smokey, stay safe! Pete