When selecting a cigar lighter there are 3 main things to consider: 1, where do you light most of your cigars. 2, How frickin sexy do you want it to be, and 3. Do you want it to match any other accessories you have, not just cigar accessories but even your watch or wallet! The size of cigars you tend to smoke could influence your choice to a point. If you know what you want, feel free to salivate over our range (please buy if you salivate over it a little too much!), if not continue reading below.

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All you've got to do is set fire to it right?!... Well kinda. But gently is the key, so which type of lighter is best for you? 

Jet flame lighters are far and away the most popular choice for lighting cigars these days, but there are plenty of other ways of setting fire to your stick. Cedar spills remain common in cigar lounges around the world, and there is something wonderful about the cedar aroma as you gently toast the foot of your cigar. In many cases though they are utterly impracticable! Extra long matches, normally 3 or 4 will sort out most vitolas, but the pain of finger burning can be a faff, but again on a still day a lovely gentle way to create combustion. Then we come to cigar lighters of which there are 2 main types, soft flame and jet flame. Soft flame lighters have a flame like a good old clipper lighter has. Indoors or on a still day they are the perfect way to light a cigar, as many of us no longer smoke indoors and with the UK typically blustery weather, there a are fair few days of the year where a soft flame is redundant. Step in the Jet Flame cigar lighters.

How many flames?

Yep, jet flame cigar lighters some in many shapes and sizes and it is the number of flame that often defines their size and weight. Single jet flame lighters are often perfect pocket size lighters. The reality is that they can light any size cigar, but a bigger ring gauge cigar will take longer to light with a single flame and therefor eat gas at an alarming rate. An average single jet flame lighter should manage half a dozen Robustos even in our breezy climate. In my opinion double jet flame lighters are the perfect combination of power and portability, while they do tend to have a little more bulk to them due to bigger fuel tanks they will fit in a pocket and have the power to light bigger ring gauges with ease. My go to lighters are a single flame S.T. Dupont and a double flame Xikar Allume. Triple and quad jets are big, bulky and fearsome! most of them will start a BBQ let alone a cigar. Although some triple's are relatively pocket friendly they have smaller fuel tanks and eat gas due to the 3 flames. But like I said way back at the top, how frickin sexy do you want your lighter to be. Start there, then worry about practicality later!!

If you fly frequently read the below - it will save you money, tears and rage!

Cigar accessories have become more and more problematic for those of us who fly. Your cigar cutter has sharp blades and your cigar lighter they seem to think is capable of downing the plane. The below is based on my own flying experiences all over the world and legislation... the 2 don't always match!

Cigar cutters have become an increasing problem if you are only flying with hand luggage. They are a sharp bladed object that falls in to a grey area - that grey area being the airport security staffs own judgement / mood. I have personally had a couple of straight cigar cutters confiscated by airport security despite my argument that the worst it can do is cut a little finger off. I also came very close to losing a Xikar VX2 cutter to airport security, again because they viewed it as a sharp bladed object. The one type of cigar cutter that the swines have never managed to have off me or really questioned me about is a punch cigar cutter. Whenever I fly with hand luggage only I take only a punch cutter, it just saves time and grief. If you are flying with hold luggage there are no restrictions that can be enforced... If only that were the case with cigar lighters...

Cigar lighters and flying are now almost a no go, or at the very least have a very high risk of confiscation of your pride and joy! I and many people have had jet flame cigar lighters confiscated - and no, not just from hand luggage, from hold luggage as well. We can blame our American friends for this! The US TSA have now banned the carrying of any jet flame lighter in hand or hold luggage... although this is still not (as far as I can find) policy in the EU, the number of confiscations suggests that we have adopted a similar position. I now never carry a jet flame on board in hand luggage. On my trips to the US and Dominican Republic last year I did carry a jet flame in hold luggage (before I fully understood the rules of course!) and didn't have a problem with confiscation, but it does happen. Soft flame lighters and the new Xikar Xflame are still permissable in hand luggage or hold luggage.

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