No matter how much love and care you give your cigars there are 2 problems that are all too common and can result in you throwing away your precious smokes. The first problem is beyond your control - plugged cigars where you simply can't draw air through them to smoke em, or cigars where the draw is just a little to tight and it ruins the enjoyment. The second problem is accidents do happen and if you drop or knock your cigar it can damage it to the point where it's un smokeable. It's a times like this the world needs a crazy mad scientist type to have a great idea (or 2!). Luckily for cigar smokers, one did, and the result is 2 accessories that you need. The problem is you normally don't realise you need them until you have the problem, by then it's too late and you've thrown a 20 quid smoke in the bin! Before that happens buy the greatest cigar insurance policies you can get - PerfecDraw and PerfeRepair

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