Antonio Gimenez Cigars

In 1993 Garbiel Ripoll, Jr, started Tabaqueria de Philipinas it was the culmination of his 40 years experience in the local cigar industry and his love for cigars that created this outstanding factory. Their tobacco's are sourced from only the finest crops on their plantations in the Tubao Valley, La Union, Northern Luzon. The leaves are then fermented and aged for 2 years before being dried and shipped to the factory in San Pedro, Laguna, just south of Manila. At the factory, the bales are taken apart and the leaves undergo quality control procedures where they are placed into varying classifications of wrapper, binder, and filler. These classifications determine which blend would most suit the leaf. The tobacco is then hand-rolled into cigars, which are placed in an aging room to preserve and enhance their flavors.

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