You don't sell any Cuban cigars

Nope, and its not because we don't like them - we love em,like we love most cigars. But our passion is the incredible range, innovation, value and quality we see coming from New World producers, it's what we're all about as well. If you want Cubans (and why wouldn't you) our advice is simple: get on a plane, train or boat to Europe, fill your case, have a good night out and still spend less than you would in the UK - simple eh! 

I'm Confused

Don't worry we often are as well, if it's the meaning of life, we're probably going to struggle to help you, if however you need help with choosing the best New World Cigars for you (or others for presents) or the most awesome accessories  - we got your back. Call us on 07510 526455 or email me, pete@newworldofcigars.com

You don't have my favourite stick

Don't worry - through our network of international suppliers, producers and distributors there is pretty much no new world cigar we can't get our hands on, and we are determined to keep adding even more choice in the UK market. Lead times can vary, if our UK based suppliers have them in stock we can normally get your sticks in 24/48 hours. If we need to get them shipped from around the world it can take longer due to shipping and customs clearance. Get in touch and lets see what we can do!


We accept payment through our world leading payment processor Worldpay. Worldpay provide a safe and secure payment solution which ensure we never hold your card details.


To us, bragging about big warehouses is akin to the old who's got the biggest dick game - pretty boring and  pointless really! We operate a seriously lean supply chain and don't pointlessly hold excessive stock. Big warehouses are also a great way for the established players to rob you too, ever wonder how Limited editions 'sell out' so quickly but a couple of years later keep appearing and reappearing on the market at double the price..... just saying! Storing loads of stock costs loads of money and increases the risk of problems, by not it doing we can keep costs down giving you greater value and protecting even more pennies we can send to our charity partner in the Dominican Republic!

Shipping & Delivery

Yep, it's free! We ship you the best value, best conditioned New World Cigars in the UK to you free. Our packaging, with one exception of a ziplock is recycled and / or recyclable - it costs us more this way, but it protects your cigars better and doesn't screw our environment like many other cigar retailers packaging does. Value and Ethics - we really mean it!

All our free packages are sent by Royal Mail Signed For, Second class, where possible the same day, always the next at the latest and always require a signature.

If you require a special, international or guaranteed delivery service give us a shout and we will work with you to find the best solution, often still at subsidised rates, still giving you the best value!



In the rare event you need to return a product to us please contact pete@newworldofcigars.com and I will send you a return form and advise you on the safest way to return your item to us. Not only will we comply with all relevant legislation - we will do everything we can to make you happy. We want you to tell everyone how great we are at the end of the day!


Are you going to open a store

Never say never eh... and rest assured if / when we do it will be a little different! But there are no imminent plans. That doesn't mean you won't get to meet us though. We are working hard on options to bring some very different cigar events to the UK where you wont hear Chan Chan once!