Working with us - to us you're never just a supplier!

There remains substantial growth opportunity in the UK and European new world cigar markets, whether you're an established global brand or new entrant to the European market. Imagine a revolution like the brewing industry has seen with Craft Ale - but I cant do it on my own. I need you, I need your innovation, passion and artisanal craftsmanship.

We are always looking for new suppliers, suppliers who, like us have a strong principles. Even before we think about your product this is our first concern.

Ethics, we believe steadfastly in 'doing the right thing', that is everything from leading the industry in environmental standards to how we, and you, look after our employees and the communities we work in. If we succeed you succeed, if you succeed we create more opportunity for development and opportunity in the countries you come from. We even embed ethics in how we work with you, for example we never have credit terms with any of our suppliers, the minute you ship to us, we pay you, end of! Why should you have to wait for your money, the only people who benefit from credit terms are the banks and lets be honest they ain't short of money so they aint having yours or ours just so we can work together!

Community, the growth on the new world cigar markets and the UK and Europe has to be anchored in community - it needs frothing at the mouth advocates like the craft beer revolution created. The type of nut cases who preach to everyone in the pub about the virtues of something. That's kinda hard right now when in the main we are faced with over priced products and an old fashioned industry who think rooms that look like retirement homes are an attractive place to smoke! Herfs in new and different venues, use of social media and getting our customers to be part of the business, involved in helping us shape what they want to see and what they will passionately advocate is key to growing the market. The consumer will no longer accept being told 'here's the over priced product take it or leave it because we know best!' As a producer who works with us we want you to be part of our community.

Value, never confuse value with price. They are 2 different things. If you have watched my video on why new world cigars cost so much in the UK (and you should because it will help you understand what it takes to get a product on the UK and European market) you will understand that our aim is not to drive down the supply chain price of a product otherwise that would hurt our stated aim of helping support communities in the cigar producing nations, no our aim is to take every ounce of unnecessary cost out of the equation once your product reaches our shores. We know that working this way changes the retail price point to a UK consumer by 25 - 40%. Yep, you did read that right! With the same base product cost, same shipping and tax costs that is how much we can effect pricing. As consumers become evermore savvy and search out better value this difference is critical, do not under estimate the price sensitivity of cigars in the UK and European markets.

Working together ethically in everything we do, together growing a community of passionate advocates for your products and my business allied with fair pricing we can change the market.... Come join the revolution!

No matter which country in the world you are based in, whether you are an existing global player or a small start up, whether you produce new world cigars or cigar accessories I want to hear from you, let's start a conversation - who knows where it may go