PG-Cigars Wacko Robusto, Single Cigar

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PG-Cigars Wacko Robusto, Single Cigar

The first cigar from PG Boutique Cigars that made me stop, look and go, 'oh hello sexy'. It's another of their cigars which plays with the flavour transitions that different wrapper tobaccos give. This has wide solid bands of different wrapper tobaccos that do give distinct flavour tranistions as you smoke it. It also has a shaggy foot - a small section of tobacco at the begining that has no wrapper on it, this allows you to taste the filler tobaccos before the first flavour transition occurs! 


-Ligero: Jalapa and Jamastran

-Viso: Jalapa

-Base: La Entrada

-Banda: Habano

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Brand PG - Cigars
Size Robusto Cigars
Strength Medium to Full
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