It's a beautiful, sleek but hugely practical cigar case from Adorini. Does the addition of a movable divider make a difference? I certainly think it does for keeping your cigars from getting bashed about. In this cigar sampler, which is a perferct gift for the cigar lover in you life. I've  put a couple of very different but equally excellent cigars. The excellent Dominican La Galera Anemoi Notus which is a hell of a smoke, and from Mexico a wonderful Te-Amo World Series Nicaraguan blend cigar... treat someone else... or maybe just treat yourself!!

Adorini 2 Cigar Case With La Galera & Te-Amo Cigars Sampler


    Created with crazy genius, beer, rum, smokes and tears in 2019 - in loving memory of the most humble, loving, caring soul I ever met. Bracken. 2008 - 2019