Let me guess... you only bought your first small desk top humidor 6 months ago? No matter how you try and rearrange and wedge your cigars in to it they wont go. You got permission from your other half to get a bigger one so you don't damage your precious cigars and promised you will get rid of the smaller one when this arrives. Really we all know the smaller one will just be moved out of site full and this one filled up as well.... that's how it happens in this house anyway, time and time again!! So if your looking for a serious value upgrade to your cigar humidor this could well be the one for you. Big capacity, Adorini's always high quality, but at a very very sensible price!


  •  High quality walnut veneer matt
  •  beautiful wood structure
  •  Bottom with felt cover
  •  2 vertical dividers, 2 horizontal dividers large and 2 horizontal dividers small
  •  External dimensions W: 37cm H: 15cm D: 24cm
  •  Internal dimensions W: 31.6cm H: 13.4cm D: 19.1cm

Adorini Matera Deluxe Cigar Humidor 150ct


    Created with crazy genius, beer, rum, smokes and tears in 2019 - in loving memory of the most humble, loving, caring soul I ever met. Bracken. 2008 - 2019