It's your special day, the Groom, Best Man And Ushers will love posing with a cigar and hey, quite a few of your guests will love hanging out on the terrace with a glass or 2 of fizz soaking up the atmosphere, cigar in hand. This set offers a huge discount over retail price - why because we want you to enjoy your day, it really is as simple as that. The most common mistake I see with cigars at weddings in that everyone goes to big! Yep, that is possible. Between photo's, speaches, dancing and socialising there is never as much time as you think. Our wedding and party sets are designed to cope with this. The Notus is perfect for the wedding party - big, bold and unashamedly posey! At the other end of the scale is the exquisite Ashton Virgin Sungrown Tres Mistique which is a much quicker smaller smoke, perfect for those who want a smoke but don't want to miss the action! What ever you do, don't go out and just buy boxes of big cigars - half will get thrown away partly smoked...

This set comes with Adorini Humidor and Humidifier, Adorini Cigar Cutters, 10 Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Robusto Cigars, !0 La Galera Anemoi Notus Cigars, 10 Rocky Patel Sungrown Maduro Robustos and 10 Ashton Virgin Sungrown Tres Mystique's

Adorini Treviso Humidor and 40 New World Cigars Set


    Created with crazy genius, beer, rum, smokes and tears in 2019 - in loving memory of the most humble, loving, caring soul I ever met. Bracken. 2008 - 2019