If you've read around the site you will have gathered by now I have a lot of time for Rocky Patel cigars. The reasons are pretty simple: 1 Consistency - whether it's construction or flavour profile I am yet to smoke a 'bad' Rocky. I have bought and smoke them all over the world and no matter where they came from they have always bee impecable. 2 Value - now you all know my views right - cigars cost more in the UK than they should or could. We're working on that! But make no mistake if there is one brand who deliver better value than the price tag, for me it is Rocky Patel. All of these are personal favourites of mine, from the Vintage 1990 which was the first RP cigar I had to the ALR which is the newest I've had. All of them bangers in a different way...

Rocky Patel Personal Favourites Cigar Sampler


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