Oh hello Sexy! A quite stunning set with the Xikar Burnout cigar ashtray at the centre - if you've got a mini you could use this as a spare alloy! It's the perfect cigar ashtray for when you've got mates around or frankly just for looking sexy in your man cave! Iv'e teamed it up with the ever popular Xikar VX2 V cutter and a lovely weighty and hugely efficient Xikar Allume Triple Jet Flame cigar lighter. Granted it isn't the cheapest set but ye gods it's one of the best looking you're ever going to put on your table!

Xikar Burnout, Triple Jet Allume & VX2 Cigar Cutter


    Created with crazy genius, beer, rum, smokes and tears in 2019 - in loving memory of the most humble, loving, caring soul I ever met. Bracken. 2008 - 2019