ST Dupont Cigar Lighters

ST Dupont are legendary makers of luxury goods the world over! Their accessories for cigar smokers are no different. My Longest serving, still functioning cigar lighter is a Red ST Dupont Red Mini jet, sure it looks a little tired now, after 6 years of being in my pocket you would too! But it still fires up every time with a pin point perfect flame. Do they cost more than your average cigar lighter, yes. are they worth every penny? In my humble opinion, absolutely. ST Dupont, a passion for producing the finest in luxury products. A design atelier where ideas and innovation are brought to life and where quality rings true.

ST Dupont Mini and Maxi Jet Cigar Lighters

Created with crazy genius, beer, rum, smokes and tears in 2019 - in loving memory of the most humble, loving, caring soul I ever met. Bracken. 2008 - 2019